Advocacy Cabinet

The Advocacy Cabinet is a specialized committee that attends to state legislative and regulatory issues related to the practice of psychology and/or public welfare issues in which psychologists have a professional interest. For example: 

  • The Cabinet monitored and advocated for mental health parity in Wisconsin

  • The Cabinet thoroughly investigated the issue of State Certified Outpatient Mental 

    Health Clinics, specifically focusing on the value of maintaining certification.

  • The Cabinet was called upon to prepare an amicus brief for the State Supreme Court in regard to the propriety of sentencing a juvenile to life in prison without parole.

  • The Cabinet published a position against a legislative proposal that physicians be expressly prohibited from asking their patients about the possession of a firearm. 

The Advocacy Cabinet conducts much of its work through workgroups. Current workgroups include:

  • Prescriptive Authority

  • Internship development in Wisconsin

  • Licensure Code Revision [regarding the difficulties new graduates have in meeting the  postdoctoral experience requirement] 

One position on the Advocacy Cabinet is reserved for our Federal Advocacy Coordinator (FAC), who coordinates federal grassroots advocacy efforts with the APA Practice Organization. Our current FAC has developed a particular expertise regarding Medicare. She has worked to keep members up to date on Medicare changes through newsletter articles, webinars, live seminars and a blog. 

The Cabinet has also developed a Legislative Review Subcommittee, a small group of psychologists who review legislative and regulatory proposals (whether already introduced or still in drafting) and make recommendations regarding potential action to support or oppose the proposal. 

Finally, new workgroups are being developed to review and make recommendations that may lead to future work with the Psychology Examining Board on how on-line degree programs can/should be treated in the licensure process and how telepsychological services can/should be defined and regulated.