Student Resources

WPA is committed to supporting undergraduate and graduate psychology students. We list psychology internships and fellowships in Wisconsin that are available to graduate students, and we hope you will give them strong consideration when looking for high quality supervised experience.

WPA also provides links to other resources for psychology students. Links to American Psychological Association resources can provide you with information about everything from careers in psychology to writing papers in APA style to becoming active in APAGS.

If you are looking for an expert resource in our state, you may want to search "Find a Psychologist" or submit a question through "Ask a Psychologist" to find a WPA member who has expertise in your area of interest.

Many opportunities exist for students to be active members of WPA, including (but of course not limited to) the following: 

  • Join the WPA Advocacy Cabinet. The Cabinet addresses a wide variety of issues, including licensure process and standards, the internship shortage, telepsychology guidelines, and other professional and social policy issues you may care about.

  • Join the Continuing Education Committee. The CE group has been looking for ways to expand its workforce and its range of perspectives. They would definitely appreciateyour input on programming that could meet the needs of students and earlycareer psychologists

  • Work with other students and early career members to develop social media networking in conjunction with our website -- YOU know the most and will GAIN the most from a vital WPA social media system! 

Our online directory of WPA members is structured in ways that should facilitate formation of a number of networking groups (or "communities") around such criteria as areas of professional interest, membership status or even geographic location. We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities.

Finally, please feel free to contact the WPA office if you have any questions about WPA or how we can help you.