New Membership Application



The purpose of the Wisconsin Psychological Association (WPA) is to advance psychology as a science and a profession to promote the understanding and ethical application of psychological principles, and to promote the public welfare through the science of psychology. WPA is the state affiliate of the American Psychological Association.

  • MEMBER: [$375.00 per year] Apply for Member status if you have received a doctoral degree based in an academic field of psychology conferred by a regionally accredited graduate school or are licensed as a psychologist in May vote and hold office.


  • LIFE MEMBER-ACTIVE: [$160.00 per year] Apply for Life Member-Active if you have reached the age of 65 and have been a member of WPA for at least 10 consecutive years prior to applicat Active Life Members are working in the profession of psychology for less than 20 hours per week on average. May vote, but may not hold office.


  • LIFE MEMBER-RETIRED: [$50.00 per year] Apply for Life Member-Retired if you meet the requirements for Life Member-Active, but are not working in the profession of psychology. May not vote or hold office.


  • STUDENT AFFILIATE: [$20.00 per year] Apply for Student Affiliate if you are an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a program leading to a degree in psychology granted by a regionally accredited sc May not vote or hold office.


  • AFFILIATED PROFESSIONAL: [$100.00 per year] You may apply for Affiliated Professional if you have completed two years of graduate work and are employed in a mental health field or are licensed/credentialed in a mental health field and are not eligible for Member status. May not vote or hold office.


  • EARLY CAREER 1ST YEAR: [$100.00] Applicant meets the requirements for member status and is within 2 years of the degree confirmation date. No other discounts apply.


  • OUT OF STATE AFFILIATE: [$225.00 per year] Apply for Out of State Affiliate if you are eligible to be a Member of WPA but your work is primarily out of state. May not vote or hold office.


  • GROUP MEMBERSHIP: An organization employing psychologists may apply for a group discount rate. The rate will vary based on the number of psychologists paying for regular membership in WPA in the current year. The discounted rate is applied to each member’s dues statement.. The sponsor organization will also receive a free ad (size in relation to the discount level) in the Convention Catalog and acknowledgement at the convention and in the newsletter. Representative from the applying organization must contact the WPA office for processing the group memberships at [email protected] or 414-755-3350.   

         5-9 members       10% discount

        10-14 members    20% discount

        15+ members      30% discount

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By submitting this application I agree to accept and abide by the ethical standards and principles established by the American Psychological Association. I confirm that the information herein is true to the best of my knowledge and I attest that I have not been found in violation of ethical or legal codes for the practice of psychology in any jurisdiction. I understand WPA may deny or withdraw my application for any reason consistent with the WPA bylaws.