CE Credit for Service on WPA Board & Committees

Policy and Procedure Statement: Continuing Education Credit for Professional Activities


The Wisconsin Psychology Examining Board enacted new Continuing Education requirements that began with the 2015-2017 license renewal biennium. The authorizing document, Psy 4, was published in December 2015 and effective as of January 1, 2016. Psy 4.035 broadens the range of approved CE programs and courses to include a number of options that expand the traditional sponsors, workshops and coursework offerings that had previously been available to licensed psychologists in Wisconsin.

Of particular interest to WPA is the inclusion in Psy 4 of continuing education hours that can now be granted for service on professional association boards and committees. Psy 4.035(4) permits the granting of 6 hours of CE credit for professional activity consisting of one year of service with a minimum of six total contact hours toward WPA Board or committee service. A maximum of 12 CE hours per biennium can be earned for this purpose.

This Policy is intended to provide a framework by which WPA will document and verify CE credit for psychologists who serve the Association through the Board of Directors and its committees, workgroups and interest sections.


In General:

  • Psychologists seeking CE credit and verification of service hours will be actively involved in the work of the Board or a committee, which in this policy subsumes workgroups and interest groups, for one full year, October 1 through September 30. While committee functioning may vary, credit can only be granted for psychologists who earnestly participate in and fulfill committee requirements and deliverables. Psychologists have an ethical responsibility to provide an accurate accounting of the activities and hours of service they contribute to the committees on which they serve.

  • The WPA Continuing Education Committee is charged with identifying and implementing standards consistent with Psy 4, the continuing education needs of WPA members and the mission of the CE Committee itself. The CE Committee is responsible for developing and governing the process by which these standards will be achieved.

  • The CE Committee shall define the methods for documentation and verification of continuing education hours that meet criteria for professional activity.

  • It is the role of the WPA Board of Directors to approve the standards and procedures developed by the CE Committee, including any subsequent modification of those standards and procedures.


Each WPA Board or committee chairperson is given the authority to define the expectations for service based on how their respective committee operates and the objectives that need to be accomplished as long as Psy 4.035(4) requirements are adhered to.

  1. Board and committee chairpersons shall submit a policy outlining the expectations for service on that committee to the CE Committee. Any policy revisions shall be provided to the CE Committee at the time they are amended.

  2. The CE Committee will provide an electronic form to chairpersons to disseminate to committee members on which they will document their professional activities.

It is the responsibility of each psychologist seeking CE credit for professional activities to submit documentation of their service in a complete and timely fashion. Psychologists who do not complete documentation in accordance with this policy shall not be eligible for CE credit.

By October 5th of each year, psychologists serving on the Board and/or a committee shall submit the following information to the chairperson for committees on which they have served:

  1. Dates and duration of all meetings attended, indicating whether face-to-face or via teleconference and other work completed since October 1 of the previous year (October 1 through September 30 of each year).

  2. A description of the specific roles or duties performed as they relate to projects, activities and objectives of the Board or committee for which service was provided. Psychologists may include meeting notes and/or other work products with their documentation to substantiate active participation.

It is the responsibility of each chairperson of the WPA Board or a committee to verify the accuracy of information submitted by committee members who served during the previous October 1 through September 30 time period.

The following information shall be verified by each committee chairperson:

  1. Dates and duration of all meetings and other work submitted by committee members between the previous October 1 through September 30 time period.

  2. The description of specific roles or duties reported by each committee member as they relate to projects, activities and objectives of the Board or committee. The chair may request additional documentation from committee members to substantiate reported participation.

  3. By October 15th each year, each chairperson shall submit a signed and dated copy of their committee members’ documentation form(s) for the previous October 1 through September 30 time period to the CE Committee. The chairperson’s signature shall endorse each psychologist’s service as having met Psy 4.035(4) requirements.

It is the responsibility of the CE Committee to review documentation submitted by Board and committee chairpersons and to determine whether credits should be granted to committee members seeking them. The CE Committee can request additional documentation from individual psychologists for the purpose of auditing activities submitted for CE credit.

  1. In the event a psychologist does not document his/her service on the Board or a committee in accordance with this policy, CE credits for that activity shall not be granted.

  2. In the event that a committee chair does not verify some or all of the information submitted by a psychologist seeking CE credit, credit for those activities shall not be granted.

  3. A psychologist may appeal the decision of a committee chair to the CE Committee and, if not satisfied, may further appeal to the WPA Board of Directors. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.

  4. Psychologists who are not seeking CE credits for the professional activities they engage in are welcome to participate on the Board or committees and are not expected to document or submit information to substantiate their service.

The CE Committee chairperson will forward the names of all psychologists who have met criteria for professional activity CE credits to Wisconsin Association Management (WAM) for the processing of CE certificates.

WAM will retain documentation forms submitted by psychologists for six years consistent with record keeping and audit requirements in Psy 4.05(1).

Supplement: Wisconsin Psychological Association Professional Activity Documentation Form

The WPA Board of Directors and CE Committee continue to refine this policy and procedure. Implementation of this policy commences in 2017 for the October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017 time period.