Why should a psychologist join the Wisconsin Psychological Association?

What do you get out of your membership?

Free to members…

  • Receive CE credits for attending the Fall Conference
  • Hospitality events at the Annual Convention
  • Cash prizes at the Annual Convention
  • One day of registration for presenting at the annual convention
  • Receive WPA promotional items at the Convention
  • Subscription to the official WPA newsletter, The Wisconsin Psychologist
  • 6-12 CE credits per licensing biennium for serving on a committee or the Board of Directors
  • Consultation on ethical challenges and dilemmas with the Ethics Response Team
  • Legal consultation with WPA’s health care attorney


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And there’s more…

  • Receive discounted rates for WPA CE events
  • Contribute to Member News in the newsletter
  • Attend WPA CE events via videoconference
  • New website with access to Member Only resources
  • Follow our social media platforms – Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, WPA Blog
  • High quality CE events featuring local, national and international presenters
  • Superior professional networking opportunities
  • State and federal advocacy representation (i.e., licensing regulation, CMS/ Medicare, ACA, etc.)
  • Market yourself and your practice by presenting at conferences
  • The opportunity to serve on committees and the Board
  • Professional support for your career, no matter what your level


Click Here for Mail-In Membership Application

Click Here for Mail-In Group Membership Application

Here are a few more good reasons for why you might want to join WPA…

WPA protects your interests.  First, the Wisconsin Psychological Association represents the interests of psychologists living in our state and the clients we serve.  Most laws regulating practice, from initial licensing to scope of practice, are state statutes. In Wisconsin, WPA has a long history of advocating on behalf of psychology and monitoring changes in laws that may affect the practice of psychology. Without WPA involvement through the years, the rights of psychologists and the opportunities to practice our profession would likely be very different in our state. WPA promotes and advocates for legislation that is favorable to the profession and beneficial to our clients and speaks against legislation that is likely to have a negative effect on our work.

WPA members get discounts on CE events. WPA provides high quality continuing education activities.  Through our annual convention and other CE events, WPA provides an array of learning opportunities that enhance our professional knowledge and offer the CE credits required to maintain state licensure.  Members receive substantial discounts on the cost of our convention, on other CE events and on other WPA services available to psychologists.

WPA offers “Members Only” benefits. In addition to discounts on WPA activities, membership also provides access to “members only” benefits and services on the WPA website. For example, our Find a Psychologist service lists WPA members only and enables the public to search for WPA psychologists throughout the state. Listing is potentially a good source of referrals and a way to get your name out there as a professional provider -- and even a single referral per year would likely cover your membership fee. 

WPA members are part of the conversation. While we provide access to some key professional information for anyone who enters our website, the opportunity to post responses and join the conversation on our professional blogs is available only to WPA members.  Members also receive timely email about events and legislative actions, both state and federal. Our representative to the APA Council of Representatives, our Federal Advocacy Coordinator and our Executive Director are tuned in to developments at the national level, inform members of opportunities to provide input, and keeps members up to date regarding critical issues affecting our ability to function as psychologists. Our Advocacy Cabinet provides similar scrutiny and involvement at the state level. 

WPA gives you a voice. Psychology needs a voice and a place at the table as we work out the changes in our healthcare system. Our voice is provided by both our state and national professional organizations.  Without WPA and APA, we would not have a way to look out for our common interests and we would be at risk for serious negative consequences as others make decisions about how we do our work. These important functions of WPA need to go forward, and our voice in Madison and Washington needs to be heard.

Get involved with WPA! You can get involved with WPA by volunteering for a position on the Board of Directors, the Advocacy Cabinet, or on a committee or workgroup. We are regularly needing to fill a variety of elected and appointed volunteer positions, so please take a few minutes to consider what YOU could contribute!

Please take a few minutes to review the updated committee descriptions posted on our Committees and Interest Sections page.

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We are looking forward to having you join us at WPA!