WPA Public Education Committee's top 10 mental health issues in wisconsin

Editor's Note: This is the first in a series of articles that will address topics identified through a poll that was completed by the WPA Public Education Committee. Thank you to the contributing author for sharing information on this important topic.

2019 Top 10 Issues for Psychology



Can You Still Be Healthy if You’re Overweight?

Written by: Laura Lees, PsyD

We are frequently reminded that Americans are getting fatter and fatter. How many times have you seen television footage of headless people walking down the street with the camera focused on the abdomens, thighs and buttocks of very overweight people?

A former surgeon general of the United States believed obesity was a greater threat than terrorism. Public health advocates want the government to put warning labels on soda and tax fast food and snack foods. We’re now exposed to calories when we look at restaurant menus.

Are these things true and/or necessary? Is there other compelling evidence about weight that doesn’t get media attention?  Is it possible that our national pastime of dieting has contributed to our weight problems?

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