WPA Mission & Vision


Our Mission is to advance psychology as a profession which promotes human welfare through the ethical application of psychological principles in research, teaching and practice.

  • We provide a professional identity for psychologists by maintaining active affiliation with APA

  • We advocate on behalf of the profession and the interests of our members.   

  • We encourage a scientific attitude toward psychological practice

  • We provide forums for the professional exchange of information and opinion about the diversity of psychological issues and of the profession itself. 

  • We address concerns of our communities by responding as a profession to psychological and social needs of Wisconsin citizens

  • We educate the public about psychology and psychological issues


As the face of psychology, WPA stands to serve the interests of the profession and the public by providing psychological information and resources about ethical, evidence-based interventions and the promotion of well-being for a better society.

WPA is the leading organization in Wisconsin attracting and supporting psychologists through the provision of indispensable professional development opportunities, career management resources and collaboration with the greater professional community.  WPA is invested in contributing to our members’ success at each stage of their career.

The greater community and stakeholders from throughout the state look to WPA for expertise on psychological issues and problems and as a resource for developing informed policies and living fuller, healthier lives.


Psychology is valuable to all people.  Our profession relies on research, science and evidence regarding the human condition for the purpose of enhancing health and supporting general wellness.

As professionals, we practice with integrity and compassion, we value inclusivity and we engage in life-long learning.