Committees, Work Groups & Interest Sections

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Advocacy Cabinet

The primary role of the Advocacy Cabinet is to serve as WPA’s interface with state government.  The Cabinet seeks to monitor activities in state government relevant to the mission of WPA. The Cabinet may, as appropriate, register input or positions on topics or issues that arise. Read more...

Chairs: Brad Grunert, PhD; Gregory Jurenec, PhD

Communications, Newsletter & Website Committee

The Communications Committee of the WPA is a dynamic committee that supports the mission, vision, and values of WPA through the use of various media. In order to assist the WPA with becoming the premiere professional organization for psychologists in Wisconsin, we strive to develop a professional and engaging online presence. Read more...

Chair: Amy Gurka, PhD

Continuing Education Committee

WPA is approved by the Wisconsin Psychology Examining Board to provide continuing education programs relevant to the practice of psychology, including those on ethics, risk management and jurisprudence. Read more...

Chair: Laura Lees, PsyD

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Wisconsin Psychological Association (WPA) seeks to support Wisconsin Psychologists as they strive to competently respond to the multiple dimensions of diversity and to promote inclusion in their psychological practice. Read more...

Chair: Kim Skerven, PhD

Federal Advocacy Coordinator

The FAC is a coordinated role with WPA and APA, but is mostly supported and facilitated at the APA level.  Every United States state, territory and district has at least one FAC that represents that location at the national level.  The primary role of the FAC is to advocate and support legislation that is positive to the role of psychologists, our clientele or to mental health in general. Read more...

Chair: Dori Bischmann, PhD 

Membership/Nominations Committee

The Membership Committee is primarily responsible for recruitment of new members, providing education and information to new members, and serving as resources to existing members with regard to the benefit of their ongoing membership in WPA. The Membership Committee aims to recruit psychologists and other mental health professionals as well as psychology graduate students from diverse parts of the State and in many different areas of practice. Read more...

Chairs: Diane Lytton, PsyD; Jon Grapengieser, PsyD

Professional Issues Committee

The Professional Issues Committee (PIC) provides educational opportunities for WPA members in the area of ethics and provides support and consultation for members facing ethical dilemmas. Look for our articles addressing ethical issues in The Wisconsin Psychologist. Read more...

Chair: Erica Serlin, PhD

Psychologically Healthy Workplace Committee

The Psychology in the Workplace Network (PWN) is an APA-sponsored network of psychologists and select non-psychologist consultants who are interested in working to identify and help build psychologically healthy workplaces. Read more...

Chair: John Weaver, PsyD

Public Education Committee - WI Wellness Initiative

It is the priority of the Public Education Committee to share psychology and psychological perspectives with the general public. In this capacity, the Public Education Committee serves as the “public face” for psychology and psychologists around the state! Read more...

Chair: Benjamin Rader, PsyD

SPTA Federal Advocacy Coordinator 

The Federal Advocacy Coordinator organizes and supervises grassroots initiatives for federal issues in their state. It is recommended that state and territorial psychological associations appoint a separate State Advocacy Coordinator to assist in managing the workload when state and federal issues require legislative action at the same time. State and territorial psychological association presidents are expected to participate by monitoring grassroots activities and ensuring that legislative requests from the Practice Organization are carried out. Read more...

**This position is affiliated with the Federal Advocacy Coordinator.


Interest Sections

Forensic & Correctional Psychology 

The WPA Forensic and Correctional Interest Section (FCIS) is comprised of psychologists who have a specialized professional interest and practice in the area of forensic psychology. This type of work routinely involves employment within a correctional facility and/or forensic hospital setting, as well as performing a variety of mental health evaluations designed to answer a narrowly focused psycholegal question for the Court. Read more...

Chair: Jenna Niess, PsyD