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In case you haven’t noticed, WPA has been undergoing a significant transformation!  It is exciting to be in the position of leading our organization during 2018 as updates and planned improvements on many fronts come to fruition throughout the year.  A notable change will be the transition to a new website in spring that is more user friendly, visually appealing and offers enhanced functionality.

The 2018 Board of Directors is committed to expanding membership benefits and developing a stronger sense of identity and inclusivity among WPA members.  We hope you will join us in supporting the initiatives that will expand WPA’s reach in the state as the premier organization for promoting the profession of psychology!

Please visit often as the WPA transformation continues to emerge!

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Disaster Resource Network (DRN)

Written by: Dale A. Bespalec, Ph.D.

At this year’s convention in Appleton, Dr. Michael Spierer and I presented a program on Psychological First Aid and Critical Incident Interventions for First Responders. I also spoke to the attendees about re-establishing the DRN for Wisconsin. Some years ago, I helped to develop what was then the Disaster Response Network for Wisconsin. The DRN was then established as a WPA committee. Over the years, the DRN became inactive and although we still listed members who were interested, there was little to no ongoing training or coordination.

I was excited to learn that a number of members would like to work with me to make this an active asset for the communities in Wisconsin again. I am going to be asking the WPA board to change the status of the Wisconsin DRN from a committee to an Interest Group. Following the model now in place in APA, we would then proceed to develop ongoing training and coordination of members to serve as a disaster response resource to communities near them in Wisconsin.

The APA Disaster Resource Network has more than 2,500 psychologists who are working in their communities to prepare, respond, and recover from disasters. They are trained in disaster mental health and partner with established disaster service organizations such as the Red Cross and state/local emergency management organizations. WPA will be asked to support WPA members in forming our own DRN which will work in communities to:

  1. Help prepare for disasters before they strike
  2. Take steps to address the emotional distress in the midst of tragedy
  3. Aid in building resilience skills to facilitate longer-term recovery
  4. Provide support for first responders
  5. Serve as consultative resources in addressing current and future needs of individuals affected by disasters.

The ten members who attended the Appleton program will be invited to meet and begin the process of planning and implementation of the new DRN. If you are interested in joining this group, please send me an email at dr.bespalec@gmail.com or contact the WPA office.


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