Wisconsin Psychology Foundation 



The Wisconsin Psychology Foundation is pleased to announce its call for applications for three $1000 scholarships for students enrolled in Wisconsin psychology graduate programs. These scholarships were established in honor of state and national leaders in the field of psychology who also served as presidents of the Wisconsin Psychological Association. they are:

                                 The Walter Gleason, PhD, Scholarship
                                 The Wilbur Humber, PhD, Scholarship
                                 The Asher Pacht, PhD, Scholarship

Students interested in applying for one of these scholarships must submit the following:

  • A completed application, including all necessary attachments.

  • Documentation that the applicant has completed at least one year of graduate study as a full-time student enrolled in a Wisconsin program that grants a doctoral degree in psychology (EdD, PhD, PsyD). A statement from the department chair or program dean must be submitted to verify current status.

  • Current membership in the Wisconsin Psychological Association as a Student Affiliate.

  • Official transcript(s) of all post-secondary schools attended.

    NOTICE:  Due to cost and timeliness concerns, the Wisconsin  Psychology Foundation Board has agreed to accept "unofficial" transcripts as part of the scholarship application process. They reserve the right to request  official transcripts if needed.

  • Three letters of recommendation (at least one from a professor in the graduate program in which the applicant is currently enrolled).

  • An essay by the applicant describing why the committee should consider him or  her for a scholarship. The committee will consider academic achievement,  professional goals, and history of service to the community and to  psychology in their decision. The essay must be limited to 500 words.

Application forms and all supporting materials are due:

                                                     December 15

Applications should be submitted using the form on this website -- See below. 

The Wisconsin Psychology Foundation Scholarship Committee may choose not to award all scholarships. The decision of the Committee is final and will be announced during the Annual Convention of the Wisconsin Psychological Association.

These Wisconsin Psychology Foundation scholarships have been named in honor of psychologists who made outstanding and long-lasting contributions to the profession in Wisconsin. We are proud to carry on their tradition by supporting the future of the profession.

Walter J. Gleason, PhD

Served as WPA President in 1981. His professional work emphasized his strong dedication
to public service. He was also instrumental in establishing vehicles for recognition of 
student research and the scientific basis of psychology. 

Wilbur J. Humber, PhD

Was the first President of WPA, in 1950. Founding partner of an industrial/organizational
psychology consulting firm that is still in business today, he proudly demonstrated his 
commitment to establishing an identity for the profession as applied in all settings.

Asher R. Pacht, PhD

Served as President of WPA in 1963 and again in 1973. In addition, he served as a
member (and Chair) of the Psychology Examining Board, 1984-1991. Considered one of
the "fathers" of correctional psychology, he is known for his contributions to public service, 
education and standards of professional practice